On Summer

I find it hard to believe summer is over and we are in the first few days of autumn. Autumn: a season filled with pumpkins, cooler weather, brilliant fall foliage, and all the delicious flavors fall brings…unless you live in Florida…if so it is not fall but hurricane season. Either way summer is past and I am left scratching my head wondering where the time went!

And yet I know the answer to that very question. Since June 1st, life has been both hectic and wonderful. The Cocoa Methodist church, The Open Door, has merged with Grace UMC church where I serve as associate pastor. This transition has gone well and has given me the opportunity to get to know and work with many new and wonderful people and experience some new ministries. Most of all, I have seen God working in the lives of all the people as we become one church. Some really cool stuff!

My husband and I anticipated, then welcomed our fifth grandchild and his first from one of his children. (As a blended family we have seven children between us) So our sweet daughter Jenny gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on September 9th. All our other children are doing well and we couldn’t be more pround as parents and grandparents at how our family is growing and thriving for this season in life.

But with all the activity my blog took a back seat. I am looking forward to writing again beginning this fall seaon and I hope you are too. I know I am looking forward to hearing from all who read my posts!

One thing I have learned from all the activity these past four months, (with many activities left unlisted as I gave you all the “cliff notes version,”) is I made one rather large mistake. I took no time off over the summer. No vacation. No long weekend. I don’t think I will do  that again. Why? Self care is very  important. Self care gives us space in our busy days, weeks, and months. So…I have scheduled some downtime. Part of that will be spent in Ohio in the middle of October. So to my Ohio tribe: if you are in town and available, lets get together! I would love to see you all. To everyone else, I pray you are doing well and ya’ll have a very happy fall!



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