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My husband and I just celebrated our first anniversary.  We are both having a hard time believing that we have been married one year already!  We still don’t have him completly moved in yet and are still unpacking boxes and trying to find stuff.  But as my husband would say, “this too shall pass.”  I know he is right and one day we will be celebrating the fact that we have unpacked the last box and have sorted through all our combined stuff and given away the things we don’t need or want to those who do need or want them.  In the meantime we search…..and in our searching I can’t help but be reminded of Jesus’ parables of those things lost….the lost coin, the lost sheep and the lost son or as we know it better, the prodigal son.  It seems that we are all a prodigal at one time in our life.  We yearn for something we don’t have and so we do what ever it takes to get it only to realize how much we have compromised of ourselvesto get it.  The funny thing is that once we do acquire what we desire, it typically has already lost its appeal and so we search some more for that next thing we just have to have and compromise ourselves just a little more.  Like the prodigal we will one day come to our senses and I hope that for all of us it will be before we end up feeding pigs and longing to eat the slop that they are being fed!  But when we do come to our senses, isn’t it great to know that God will be waiting for us with arms open wide to greet us and to give us the robe of a son or daughter.  For me personally, knowing that there is no mistake I can make that God is not bigger than is the most comforting notion I know.

God’s blessings….Beth

BTW – if you have not read Henri Nouwen’s book “The Return of the Prodigal” I highly recommend it.

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