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Delinquent and then some…

You know beginning a blog sounded like a good idea last year and summer seemed the ideal time to begin.  I had some extra time and wanted an outlet for my thoughts as well as I have been looking for a way to become more disciplined in my prayer and devotional life.  Well, it was a good idea at the time.  However life happened.  I realized that I could graduate in May if I took 11 credit hours in the fall and spring term as well as a 3 credit hour intensive class in January, My husband and I are still moving in together, we have only been married one year now so we aren’t too far behind…..then again maybe we are, and then there is that fact that I work 30 hours plus per week at my church.  Oh and if that was not enough I am also working on the ordination process for my denomination.

Anyway, enough with the excuses.  It is February 17, 2013 and we are a few days into the Lenten season and I am determined to break my too busy for blogging schedule and recommit to something I really enjoy doing even if it is only for myself.

My prayer for everyone including me is to find ways to not be so busy that we forget what is important and meaningful to us.  Those things that make life a wonderful journey.

God Bless….

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