On Rain

“Rain, rain go away.  Come again some other day. Little Johnny wants to play. Rain, rain go away.”

This is a nursery rhyme I used to sing when it would rain on days I wanted to go outside to play.  It has come back to mind this summer as it has rained a lot here in Florida.  We are definitely not in drought conditions as we have been in some years.  Everything is green and growing well…almost too well.  In fact there are some areas that are getting a little concerned about possible flooding.  So yes, it has been a summer of rain.

It has also been a summer of gorgeous blue skies.  Sounds like a bit of a conundrum. How can you have rainy days and blue skies?  There have even been times when I was standing under a brilliant blue sky and behind me were foreboding and ominous black clouds!  Welcome to Florida.  As quickly as the rain comes and it comes in buckets…the skies clear and the sun comes out and it is once more a beautiful day with crystal clear blue skies as far as the eye can see.  The day made even more beautiful because of the rain that waters the grass, trees, and flowers making everything a brilliant green in the bright sunlight.  Life can be a little like Florida weather, each season bringing its own beauty and challenges sometimes all in the same day.  The thing is, while it might feel like time has come to a standstill, these seasons do not last a lifetime.  And when we stop to take a good look around, many times what we see is the sun peeking through the clouds.  I personally find there is always something good to see in life, I just have to be willing to see it.  And therein lies the catch…our willingness to see what is good even in what feels like the worst of times.



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