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Time out

So…my husband and I are on a mini vacation. We took off for a week to just getaway and spend some uninterupted time together. We will end up at my daughter’s to see my granddaughter in her very first play before heading back home. It has been a great time so far working together on a few projects, sleeping in, and just…well…just being together.

This time away has me thinking and my mind has wandered to the ancient book of Ecclesiastes and specifically to the incredible words of wisdom held in chapter three: that basically says: there is a season for everything. What I know is life is filled with various seasons.  My trouble is I am guilty of staying so busy I forget there is also a time to rest. I don’t mean sleep. Sleep is good and rejuvenating in it’s own way. What I mean is Sabbath. A time to step back from everything, clear our mind from all the burdens we carry, and just enjoy. Enjoy life, enjoy God and all God has created, enjoy the people we know and love, enjoy. As the teacher of Ecclesiastes writes, there is a time to be busy, but there is also a time to rest. For me, right now, it is a time to rest. Until next time…



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