On Crocheting…

I recently began to crochet again. I am not all that great at it but do have the basics down so I can make an afghan or scarf. I can even make a hat or a shrug. Not that many people can use those items here in Florida. But for me it is relaxing, calming, and fun. I enjoy doing it although with the prices of yarn, like everything else, it is rather expensive. A typical afghan can take up to 1900 yards of yarn and if you are using bulky yarns that only have about 100 yards per skein that means you will need 19 skeins of yarn. At approximately 9 dollars a skein well…I will let you do the math.

Because of the expense in making an afghan, I have been looking at smaller projects I can do. The problem for me is that I struggle to read crochet patterns. I know…I love to crochet but have a hard time deciphering the instructions. It doesn’t make much sense. But when you think about it, there are a lot of times in life where we are looking for directions and when they are given to us, they might as well be in a foreign language. Not everything we enjoy, is easy to understand…at first.

But fortunately for me, there is YouTube! I can go online and look up how to do something and chances are, an expert in crochet, or at least someone who can read crochet instructions better than me, has a how-to video online and I am all set. I have learned how to do quite a few techniques following YouTube videos. They are quite helpful as I learn a new stitch, or pattern.

But not every conundrum in life can be solved by looking up a YouTube video. They don’t cover all aspects of human existence. And there are some issues that we just need to muddle through, as sometimes there are no instructions written to cover what you are experiencing. No manual was ever written for the sometimes-unique aspects of life.

When I worked for my mom in high school helping in her tax office, there were many rather bizarre things that came up and the comment in the office was typically: We need to write a book…because the situations were truly beyond unique. Although, I would imagine what ever industry you work in there are stories to be told and there is no way there is a YouTube video to help you out when you are in the midst of the crazy situations you are encountering. We probably all have experienced situations where we “need to write a book!”

But before you despair…there is something we can use to help us get through life. It is called the Bible. That old book you say!?! Yes. That old book. It is as relevant to us today as it was when each of the books in the Bible were written. But there is a catch…in order to fully understand the lessons the Bible teaches you first have to understand what the original audience understood. The Bible was written in a historical and cultural context. Understand that, and it will help you understand what each book, each verse is teaching. Taken out of its historical context and you will get a toxic interpretation that will lead to harm.

So, how can you find help in learning more about what scripture says? You begin by reading the Bible for yourself and as you read, write down your questions. Then ask several different pastors what their thoughts are on the passage. Join a Bible study group, use a commentary or several commentaries, use a concordance, study the history of the time….Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! You say…I don’t have that kind of time…That is ok. That is why there are some great authors out there who write books you can read, and they have done the research for you as they interpret what a book in the Bible is all about. I also recommend getting input from several pastors from different churches to get a richer perspective on what you are learning.

Here is what I do encourage you to do: I encourage you to read your Bible, I encourage you to join a Bible study, and I encourage you to read books by various authors to help you learn.  And when those head scratching events happen in life, and they will happen…you will be prepared to handle them with love and grace. And being able to meet life with love and grace is the point.

Final thought: Always remember…any time spent with God is time well spent!


Pastor Beth

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