On Vacation Bible School…

“Some people brought children to Jesus so that he would place his hands on them and pray. But the disciples scolded them. “Allow the children to come to me,” Jesus said. “Don’t forbid them, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to people like these children.” Then he blessed the children and went away from there.” Matthew 19:13 – 15

Vacation Bible School. How many of you remember growing up and knowing you would attend a VBS at some point during the summer. I know I did. I enjoyed my time at VBS. It was fun. The snack were yummy. I got to spend time with friends. We sang songs and did silly things together as we learned about Jesus and how much he loved us. When my children were old enough to attend VBS, I made sure they went. I believe they had fun during their weeks throughout the years too. Just as I had fun when I was growing up.

One of the bonuses of attending VBS was having caring adults give of their time. We had someone other than our parents teaching us about our faith and hearing a different voice about what Jesus meant to them and what Jesus could mean to us. Church is important to our little ones. It helps them develop a moral compass that will guide them throughout life and it helps them develop a higher social competence. It is worth the effort to take your children to church.

Jesus encouraged the children. He even took the adults, his very disciples, to task for hindering the children’s access to him. This week our church will host Vacation Bible School. We are able to do this in person. Last year our children’s director had to do this virtually and did an amazing job too! So we are excited about being able to have children from our church and community on campus. We are excited about all the laughter we will hear as approximately 80 children will be on campus. We are especially excited about being able to teach each of these children about how much Jesus loves them. How Jesus is there for them in all things. That they are valued and loved and perfectly and wonderfully made by God.

This week we get the amazing opportunity to host an in-person Vacation Bible School. And we couldn’t be more excited!!!!


Pastor Beth

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