On Trauma and Finding Fault

How many of you feel like last week was a month long?  Yeah…me too.  I am not used to not having a schedule.  While I am staying busy and getting caught up on a number of tasks around the house as well as working and keeping up with all that is going on with the virus, I still feel at a loss.  Part of that is the grief I feel over the trauma I am experiencing because our world has been turned upside down.  I do take some small consolation in the fact we are all in this together.  At least I hope we are.  Now is not the time to hoard supplies, now is not the time to make a larger profit off masks, sanitizers, etc.…now is the time to pull together.  And by pulling together we will make it through.  It is definitely a “united we stand” time in history.

What it is not a time for is pointing fingers to find fault or blame. It is definitely not a time to say God is punishing us by creating this virus so we will turn back to God.  I have seen too many posts and comments about this.  We worship a loving and caring God who wants what is best for all people.  We serve a God who created the beautiful world we live in and gave it to humans to care for.  We serve a God who created the science of geology, and tectonic plates, weather patterns, gravity, volcanology, and a whole lot more.  All of these natural sciences work in ways that sometimes when everything aligns just right also create really bad situations for human beings.  Here in Florida we know that when the warm waters meet the swirling winds we will have a hurricane.  It is just a fact we live with for living in a state that has some pretty beautiful weather all year long.  It also has alligators, love bugs, and mosquitos. Just sayin’

Then there is that word ‘dominion’ in the first chapter of Genesis where God gives humans the earth and everything in it to care for.  And here is where we get/got into trouble.  We chose to define dominion in a way that allowed us to trample and rule over the earth and everything in it… in a way that reflects who we were and are.  But God created us in God’s own image and as such we are God’s representatives in this world, which means that we are to care for the world in a way that reflects the character of God.   Considering the state our ecology is in I don’t think we have done a good job of it.  In fact, I think if God were to grade us we would probably get a D- (heavy sigh) So instead of owning up to the simple fact we have messed up our job to take care of the world and all the animals in it, we blame God anytime things are going crazy and worse we say God is deliberately doing this to turn our hearts back to God.  I don’t see God working that way.  I see God working in difficult situations to help us but I don’t see God causing them.  God would be rather vindictive if that were actually true, don’t you think? Scripture teaches that God is a loving Father who only wants what is best for the humans God created.

So the truth of the matter is: the Covid-19 virus was transmitted to the first human, probably via transmission from an infected bat, and possibly through an intermediary source,* that then made him/her sick and he/she transmitted the Covid-19 virus on to others.  And because the nature of the Covid-19 virus is that it spreads rapidly, it has moved across neighborhood, countries, and throughout the world causing economic upheaval, death, and panic.  The main reason for the massive upheaval is because this is also a novel virus incubated within an animal and we have no natural immunities for it.  We also have no current medications we are aware of at this time that will combat the virus. Not that some of our current medications won’t work they have just not been clinically tried on this virus because it is so new.

All this to say that the best thing we can do is stay home. Use masks when we do have to go out in public.  Wash your hands – a lot! Use sanitizer and disinfectant.  And know that God is there giving us the courage to get through this pandemic.  We will survive, we will overcome, and we will make it through.

And once we make it through, we will have a different world.  I have no idea what that will look like but I don’t think we can go through a global pandemic and be the same as we were before.  I hope we will slow down and enjoy what we have. I hope we will become more community minded. I hope we will hoard less and give more.  I hope we will realize that our families are more important than work.  I hope we learn that we should have an emergency fund (Dave Ramsey is a great resource to help you build one) I hope, once we are on the other side of this pandemic, we take the time to be good to ourselves so we can heal from the trauma we are currently living through. I hope, because I know God is loving, kind, and walking with us.



*The exact form of transmission is still being investigated.  There are several possible routes of infection with the most likely being via a bat as the covid-19 virus resembles a virus found in bats. We do know the virus began in Wuhan, China and spread from there.  But it could just as easily originated in Europe or the United States as bats are found on every continent except Antartica.  Please do not participate in any discriminatory action against people of Chinese decent. Please stop any you see happening.

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