An Ode to a Forgotten Holiday

Thanksgiving has become sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas and passed over about as quickly as many people pass on Christmas fruitcake. It is a day that barely gets noticed any more which in my mind is too bad. Because Thanksgiving is a day that helps us to intentionally set time aside for family and friends and to say thank you for all we are grateful. The sad thing for me is that we too often do not tell the people in our lives how much they mean to us. We gloss over our relationships expecting them to always be there. We also forget to appreciate all we have and instead grumble and complain about what we do not have. So today in addition to wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving I want to challenge each of you as you gather ‘round the table to pause before you pass the turkey and all the fixings to name one thing you are grateful for in your life. (I know you can think of at least one thing.)What am I grateful for? I am glad you asked!
I am grateful to my parents who are both still alive and a part of my life.
I am grateful to my brother who is there for me even if we don’t get to see each other very often.
I am grateful for my sister-in-law and my niece who are both so talented and are so willing to share their talents.
I am grateful for my children, their spouses/significant others, and grandchildren. If I were to list all the ways I love them and how proud I am of them all this list would never end.
I am grateful for my husband who loves me for me and brought three wonderful children into my life who I love as my own.
I am grateful to the many “adopted” children who my children have brought into my life throughout the years.
I am grateful to my friends, who bring so many different perspectives and help me stretch my own ways of thinking.
I am grateful to my church and my church family who have supported me as I went to school and worked toward licensing as a pastor in the Methodist denomination and continue to support and love me.
I am grateful more than words can express for God who created me and who loves me unconditionally in all my good and bad moments. Who no matter how well I do or how badly I screw up God always pushes me further and always gives me a second chance.
And so….I am grateful. And maybe that is enough.
May you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

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