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I love the concept of blogging and have thought over the years that maybe it was something I would enjoy doing but I just never got around to it.  Seems that life kept getting in the way or did it?  Maybe it was more a fear of putting my thoughts out there for the world to see and being criticized for my writing and not sure my self esteem could take it.  This past week however,  I had the pleasure of taking a personal retreat away from the hurly burly of my life to a place where I could just be.  As I sat by the lake at the retreat center and just absorbed the beauty of the world around me, my thoughts turned again to blogging…I began to feel that this would be the ideal way for me to begin developing spiritual disciplines in my life that may help me discern the path God has for me in this second career phase I am in.  So I am taking the plunge and my plan for this blog is to write about the different thoughts and ideas that I come across in my readings of different religious authors.  While I am a Christian, I am not going to confine my readings to only Christian authors but instead keep myself open to what truths I can learn from all religous writings.  I will begin with a book I am currently reading on prayer by Richard J. Foster.  It is entitled “Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home”  May God richly bless all who choose to join in on the conversation.
In Christ,

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