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On Nothing…

Have you ever just had nothing to say? Nothing at all? Or have you ever just not known what to say? Your mind is either just blown away by what is happening around you or you just seriously have nothing to say. Or maybe you just have nothing on your mind. You are content with where you are right at this moment and so you seriously just have nothing to say? If you have surmised that right now, I have nothing to say…you would be right. But my nothing to say is of the contented type. The type that comes from taking a staycation and getting a lot of nagging odds and ends done. The type that comes from weaving in some fun things in the middle of work projects. The type that comes from getting to spend time with grandchildren. The type that is peaceful in the midst of storms that are swirling around you, but you are still content because you know you have done what you can do and the rest…well the rest is nothing you have any control over.

So, today I have nothing to say…not because there aren’t topics to discuss or issues to address…but because for today I, personally, am content to say nothing…or at least not much because today I am feeling deeply peaceful. And I want to enjoy it for this moment.

Because what I do know is that I will need to hold onto what this feels like as I also know that this won’t last. Not because I am being negative. I just know that life can and does change in a heartbeat. I have no idea what the next moment will hold. It could be something amazing. I might be something hard. It could be concerning. It could be sublime. Whatever it is, I also  know this: God will be there with me. I will have the words of Jesus in my heart to comfort me. I will not go through whatever the future hold alone.

And so, while I may not feel as peaceful as I do in this moment, I will still be at peace.


Pastor Beth

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