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On Water Heaters

We take so much for granted when we go about our daily activities. When we turn on a light switch we expect the light to turn on and find ourselves dismayed when it doesn’t. We then have to trouble shoot the problem. Could the bulb be burned out? Could a breaker have popped and if a breaker popped, what caused it to pop? The same is true with any modern convenience we use. We find when those conveniences don’t work they become very inconvenient! So it was with my husband and I early this past Sunday morning.
You see, we were startled into being awake by a phone call from our neighbor across the street who apologized for waking us but thought we might want to know that water was pouring out from under our garage door. To say my husband and I woke up very rapidly as we very rapidly ran to the garage would be an understatement. To say we were dismayed when we opened the door to our garage only to see water spraying out over 50% of the garage and filling or covering everything in its pathway with water would also be an understatement. Because at some point during the night, the pipe going into our water heater burst and began to spray water and how long it was covering our garage in water we honestly don’t know. What we do know is that it had to be for a while since not only was water pouring out from under the garage door, it was flowing down the street. A very major inconvenience. And…I really do not want to see my next water bill.
Now when I shared this news with some people, I was met with reactions of dismay…a lot like my own. I was met with sympathy…which I appreciated. I was even met with offers of help to clean out the mess…of which I was very appreciative. I even heard that God must have had a reason for my water heater pipe to break. Well…..I kind of doubt that.
We live in a world where rot, rust, and decay are the norm. We live in a world where anything we own wears out over time. We live in a world where water heater pipes will corrode and if the corrosion is not noticed…the pipe will eventually be eaten through by the corrosion and will develop a hole that will weaken the pipe and cause it to break. This will lead to water being spewed out all over everywhere. For my husband and I this meant it would happen in our garage. This was not an act of God. It was us not paying attention.
Too many times I think it is easier for us to blame God for what happens in life when in reality it is the result of our own poor choices or the poor choices of others. We want our autonomy until we don’t. Then instead of having the precious gift of free will that we crave, we want God to intervene and prevent all the bad stuff from happening. We want God to make all the choices. But then we would never learn to make better choices. So while in the scheme of things a water heater is not a big deal…the pipe break has taught us both to make better choices. Specifically that we need to regularly check the various systems in our house and when we see rot, rust, and decay… we need to replace, repair, and remove BEFORE they become a problem.
And in case you were wondering: while the mess was annoying, it did force my husband and I to purge stuff we really didn’t need to keep in the first place. We also had to toss a few items we will need to replace and lose a few items we didn’t want to lose as we reminded ourselves they were all just things.
So my advice for you today: check your water heater pipes!

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